Our Guests

May 6, 2016

“You are a gift!”

Thanks do much for the awesome day and your amazing photos!!  You are a gift!

Karen D.

May 4, 2016

We hope to come back again

We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed your selections and Steve’s company and descriptions.  He really gave us great insight and made the day a lot of fun.

Andy W.


 March 21, 2016

Why would anyone do one of those group tours when they can have a day tailor-made for them with that amazing picnic lunch and those professional photos.  My wife an I were blown away.  We have done tours in many areas but never one like Sonoma’s Wine Country Tours.  I’ve already booked another one for us and some friends.  Thanks Steve, those photos were the best we have has in our thirty plus years of marriage.

Rick S.

Amazing Time 

June 20,2015

The hospitality was great! The entire tour was informative,very comfortable and we had an amazing time.

Thank you Sonoma/s Wine Country Tours for making our trip so memorable. Special mention to Mr Steve, a very friendly guide.

Preeti J.

“Wonderful worry free day”

June 7, 2015

During our stay in beautiful wine country, we decided to have a worry free day of tastings. I had contacted and coordinated the day through Sharon. Sharon was wonderful! She chose a variety of wineries suited to our tastes. Small family estaes as well as larger, well know brands.

We were picked up by Steve, our driver-who also had a variety of pastries as well as water and a gourmet lunch packed. Steve spent the day as both our driver and our personal photographer and was lovely to talk with. His main concern truly was our enjoyment.

Lunch was delicious and our favorite of the wineries was the one where the owner gave us the grand tour of the winery and caves. Truly an enjoyable experience was had by everyone.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sonomas Wine Country Tours to anyone who is looking for a relaxing day and not worry about how to get around. Also of note is that this private tour, photographer, gourment lunch and exclusive service cost us the same as if we would have joined a van tour with much less personalized touches!

Karen L.

Thanks Steve!

April 21, 2015

We recently had the pleasure of spending a Saturday in Sonoma, and were so lucky to have found this company. Steve is a fantastic guide! He asked us what types of wine we preferred, and we left it up to his expertise. He took us to four of his favorites and we had a great time at each stop. You’re riding in a luxury SUV. Could not have asked for a better day of wine! tasting.

Seth G.

“The perfect day!”

April 12, 2015

My Mom and I were traveling in Sonoma for her 60th birthday celebration. We found Sonoma’s Wine Country Tours and Sharon (the sommelier) designed the perfect tour for us. She chose the perfect boutique wineries of Sonoma County that more than met our taste – Zinfindels, Pinot Noirs…

Sue A

About us

We’ve been on several wine tours in both the Napa and Sonoma areas, but never one that we felt was truly about us until Sonoma’s Wine Country Tours. When they said it was unique they weren’t kidding. Thank you so much!

John S.

Tailored to us

October 11, 2014

This is late coming as our tour was last summer. We were having some wine we discovered on our trip and reminiscing so I decided to share. The tour and the wineries we visited were amazing. I grew up in Sonoma County and saw places I didn’t know existed. Everything was tailored to us and we got introduced to some truly great wines that are now some of my all time favorites.

Anna V.

Not one of those cookie cutter tours

July 9, 2014

We had never done a wine tour and didn’t know what to expect we just wanted to be with our friends and not a lot of other folks on one of those cookie cutter tours. My brother in law told me about Sonoma’s Wine Country Tours and his great trip so I took a leap of faith and boy I’m glad I did. We had the best time I can ever remember.

Mark H.