Tour Rates

Tour the exquisite wineries and locales of this world-famous wine-producing region with Sonoma’s Wine Country Tours. Experience wine tasting like you’ve always wanted in a luxurious way you never thought possible.

Our Rates

Your Personal Sonoma’s Wine Country Tour:  

Party of up to four $85 per hour…that is per hour not per guest

Party of five to six $95 per hour…that is per hour not per guest

five hour minimum.. per hour, includes tax, fuel fees. 

Deposit: $100.00 pre tour..not per guest



A Few Words From Our Guests

“Also of note is that this private tour, photographer, gourmet lunch and exclusive service cost us the same as if we would have joined a van tour with much less personalized touches!” more

 All tour rates based on a five hour minimum.

Tasting fees are not included in our private wine tours. Many wineries charge $5-$25 each for tasting. If you prefer to try and reduce the amount of tasting fees you incur, let us know and we will do our best to help you select wineries that may not charge a fee for our guests, or will waive the fee with a purchase.