Why Sonoma County?

So why Sonoma County?  We first came to the Sonoma Wine Country in 1987 while visiting San Francisco and fell in love with the area.  Even though we visited many wine regions around the world, every time we returned to the Sonoma Wine Country our love for it grew even more, leading us to moving here and making it our home.  Even now after calling Sonoma Wine Country home our love for it still grows daily. The Sonoma Wine Country is one of the most revered wine regions of the world. It’s unique micro climates throughout Sonoma Wine Country allow its artisan wine makers to craft so many different types of world class wines. Along with its beauty, one is taken back by the warmth of the people who live here.  We would like to share this wonderful place with you.  We want you to see it as we first did, not from a tour bus as part of someone else’s vacation, but as your own.  We want to assist you in creating memories that will last forever.  That is why we put together a script for just that very purpose.  Now we would like you to help us build it around you.  Come and join us in Sonoma Wine Country.