Sommelier Sharon Dorris

The Sommelier – Sonoma’s Wine Country Tours

Provides a professional credential to show their skills have been evaluated at a high level of proficiency by the world’s leading authority on service with a high standard of the knowledge of wine. The sommelier is a professional that has been provided with the knowledge of wine and hospitality having a thorough knowledge of the world of wines and spirits at the highest professional standards having received intensive instruction and training. “Court of Master Sommeliers”

“What types of wine or varietals do you like and kind of experience you are looking for?    Sonoma’ Wine Country has variety to experience; boutique, smaller family, historic, larger more well-known and more grand, some more scenic?   Want a sampling of different types? I design your tour around you.”

  Sonoma’s Wine Country Tours sommelier’s goal is to supply the appropriate amount of  information and use their skills in wine to assist you in the quest for your perfect wine country experience! “As Sonoma’s Wine Country Tours’ sommelier my intention is always of overall hospitality doing whatever needs to be done to take care of our guest, making them feel welcome and comfortable. As sommelier I feel I’m an integral part of a team effort to provide the experience of superlative hospitality for our guest in our quest to create that unique wine country experience.” Sharon

From Sharon’s Desk

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