Pairing Suggestions

Pairings by Sharon


Pair with smoked salmon, grilled mozzarella and prosciutto, and flatbread with fresh tomato, basil and roasted garlic.

Cabernet Franc

Pair with a classic beef stew, aged Gouda, and rosemary-rubbed pork tenderloin.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Pair with grass-fed beef, whether grilled, roasted, braised or stir-fried.


Pair with white fish, shellfish and free-range chicken – especially with creamy, buttery sauces.

Chenin Blanc

Pair with seared scallops, chicken in coconut curry, or sliced ripe pears with fresh or slightly aged sheep’s milk cheeses.

Dessert wines

Pair with nuts—almonds and hazelnuts—as well as chocolate tortes, vanilla custard, peach cobbler and ricotta cheesecake. In general, aim to pair sweet dessert wines with sweet desserts, and light dessert wines with light desserts.


Pair with smoked white fish, spicy stir-fried dishes, or slightly sweet desserts.


Pair with any grilled shellfish as well as salami, sliced ham and other charcuterie.

Grenache Blanc

Pair with crab, squid, or clams with garlic butter as well as grilled snapper with lemon zest.


Pair with classic rack of lamb, beef fajitas, and roasted root vegetables.


Pair with creamy potato-leek soup or roasted butternut squash with cinnamon butter.


Pair with sautéed duck breasts or roasted pork tenderloin.


Pair with roast duck or squab, seared New York Strip steak with cracked black pepper, or a tangy blue cheese.


Pair sparkling and late-harvest Muscat with fruit tarts, vanilla custard, dark chocolate torte, or rich cheesecake.

Petite Sirah

Pair with sweet BBQ chicken, a cold roast beef sandwich with mustard, or mild blue cheeses.

Pinot Blanc

Pair with pasta with a fresh tomato-based sauce, or spicy noodles with shrimp.

Pinot Gris

Pair with Thai spring rolls, spicy stir-fried chicken, or a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on rustic country bread.

Pinot Noir

Pair with wood-smoked bacon, roast leg of veal or grilled wild salmon.

Red Blends

Pair with pulled pork tacos, barbecued chicken wings, or slow-cooked short ribs.


Pair with Tandoori chicken with mango chutney, Moroccan-spiced halibut, or pumpkin with coconut curry.


Pair with everything from spicy sauces to crisp, light salads.


Pair with Tandoori chicken with mango chutney, Moroccan-spiced halibut, or pumpkin with coconut curry.


Pair with sausage and caramelized onions, or pork chops with plum conserve.

Sauvignon Blanc

Pair with wild mushroom soup, grilled red snapper, or asparagus – especially sautéed in garlic.


Pair dry Semillon with fresh halibut or mushroom couscous. Pair sweet Semillon with peach cobbler or pears sautéed in butter.


Pair with everything from Szechuan stir fry to triple crème cheeses.


Pair with robust, hearty foods—from black bean chili with pork, to buffalo sliders or rich beef stews.


Pair with dill-poached salmon, pork tenderloin with cilantro pesto, or steamed mussels.


Pair with smoked oysters or mussels, or herb-roasted free-range chicken, goose or duck.

White Blends

Pair with fresh seafood, cold roast chicken, creamy polenta, or a range of cheeses—from ricotta to triple crème, from goat cheese to dry Jack.


Pair with barbecued free-range beef,    lamb, pork, chicken or spicy sausage.